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Guatemala City central market walk

Richard says: In the video, I am in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I walk from Plaza de la Constitución to the central market. I used my GoPro Hero 6 camera this time.

Mayan mega-city!

A remarkable discovery using LIDAR laser technology in the jungle of Guatemala. A Mayan mega-city of possibly 10+ million inhabitants.


Christmas in Guatemala

Anna Von, also known as Travel Mama, recorded the part of the atmosphere in Antigua during the Christmas. To be precise, Christmas Eve. Not only that she was walking the streets and churches, but she was invited also to spend an evening with a Guatemalan family. Anna did all that carrying her cute daughter.

Burning of the Devil in Antigua Guatemala

Every 7th of December in Guatemala, after 6 pm, many Guatemalan households organize the ceremony of the burning of the Devil. This tradition, as sources say, reach deep into the 16th Century. This video shows you how this event is organized in Antigua Guatemala. Read more HERE

Isel Suñiga represents Guatemala on Miss Universe

26th of November there is a contest of Miss Universe. This lovely lady from Guate will be there. She has ordinary and typical dreams: to be a lawyer, a lawmaker, a city mayor, and to change the position of all the women in the world. But first, she wants to be Miss Universe.

The orchestra of vegetables

Santa Cruz Balanyá is a municipality of Chimaltenango of about 7 thousand inhabitants. It is a fertile land whose main activity is agriculture and, for the last 13 years, music. The Youth Orchestra of Santa Cruz Balanyá was born in July of 2004, and group's example soon has crossed borders.

Its founder is Edras Nehemías Patá Sirin, an enthusiastic teacher passionate about the music of  George Frideric Händel and who made a dream come true that seemed impossible. The Youth Orchestra of Santa Cruz Balanyá currently has 30 members from 7 to 22 years, together they have come a long way of learning, both artistic and emotional. The group of children is popularly known as "The Orchestra of Vegetables" because it has worked thanks to donations from farmers. The musicians from the USA and Germany also gave their support to this unusual orchestra.

Tikal - Ancient Mayan City of Guatemala

Devin Supertramp made this video presentation of Tikal. Maybe some of the viewers would notice how there are not many other visitors there. If you come early in the morning, you can also enjoy Tikal without so many visitors. Also, Tikal covers a very big area.

Geography Now: Guatemala

Interesting channel that manages to describe each country in a little over 10 minutes. The modern style of the narrative is sometimes too fast but can get you an idea what Guatemala geographically and even politically is all about. 

Guatemalan Breakfast

Guatemalan breakfast is really something special. Now, here in Guatemala breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Therefore it has to contain all the important ingredients, no matter if you want plain or vaquero version ( the difference is a meaty part). Average Guatemalan breakfast consists of beans with cream, white cheese, platano, eggs with tomato sauce, some fruits and by all means - a cup of Guatemalan coffee. There are local varieties as well as famous places specialized for breakfast.

Baba Gris - Guatemala

Baba Gris is a Guatemalan - Puertorican band whose music is a fusion of Latin American folklore, jazz, fusion and art rock. The band is composed of four musicians: Juan Carlos Mata Calle (voice, guitar, piano), Manuel "Kike" Rodríguez (bass), Jayson Yordán Martínez (percussion) and Carlos Dimas Martínez (guitar). Their world is interesting, different, sometimes strange. This music video was made on Pacaya volcano (piaf Producciones). No Quetzaltecas were destroyed in the production of this video.

Backpacking Guatemala

Two friends backpacking in Guatemala for five days. Travelling from Guatemala City to Antigua to Lake Atitlan and stopping in Panajachel, San Pedro and San Marcos. The very joyful duo, considering the rainy conditions.

Chichicastenango by British Pathe from 1963

British Pathé for decades makes genuine and great documentaries, news footage, travelogues. As time goes by, the value of those materials is enormous. Chichi really attracted the attention of BP cameras. If you visit Chichi today, you'll see that there are changes, but the essence of the place remained as it was decades ago.

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