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10 most important Mayan ruins to visit in Guatemala | GuatexplorerArea of Guatemala, Yucatan peninsula, Chiapas, along with some regions of Honduras, Belize and El Salvador is called Maya World. Historically, this was the playground of that huge culture. When you live here, you'll be often offered to visit some particular sites with an explanation why it's important to do so. Therefore, let me try to do the same.

Regions of Guatemala | GuatexplorerIt is good to be familiar with a territorial organisation of this country because you'll encounter references to it when travelling within the borders of this Central American Country. After all, it is not so complicated: regions – departments – municipalities. Three levels exist and are implemented in daily life here.


10 things to do in Guatemala | GuatexplorerIt is not only 10 things, and it could be other ten things than those I suggest here. OK, you can do even 13 things. Or 27. I go with this strange internet fashion of making lists. In fact, I wanted to say this: whenever you visit some country make your list, but be careful not to do all. Thus you'll return one day. And that will feel good, trust me.

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Weather, Guatemala | Guatexplorer"You know, tourism is not about resorts, hotels, fancy places and impeccable service. Tourism is about kindness. About smile, about emotions. Emotional weather report for Guatemala that day was: constantly sunny and smiling, eternal spring of emotions. And that's the weather I like here - the climate of love and respect."

Michele PetersonWritten by Michele Peterson

“Is it safe to travel in Guatemala?” is a question I get asked a lot. Although my Guatemalan mother-in-law gives me lots of advice –such as keep your money in your shoe–I thought it would be worthwhile to ask a pro for some travel tips.

So during the recent Central America Travel Market , held in Antigua, Guatemala in 2010 I met with a security expert from the Guatemala Tourism Board (INGUAT). His tips are handy for travel in any country. Here’s what I learned:

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safetyHere I will try to give you most important features concerning your personal security when in Guatemala; however, this article will have to be upgraded as my knowledge of certain problems may arise.

First of all, every reader of this article must understand the difference between general security in the country, and security of tourists. Most of the dark numbers that are spread over the internet have nothing to do with traveling and tourism; if somebody beheaded 27 people in the north of Guatemala, it does not mean that tourists have to fear for their lives.

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