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BaggageMany people, especially when visiting forums, ask: what to take to Guatemala? How to dress? Should I take this or that piece of equipment? What would the weather be like? Is there a possibility of hail in GC? Is it cold at night or hot during the day? And which parts of the year are the worst? Many questions, every day...

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VolcanoGuatemala is located at the junction of the North American and Cocos tectonic plates. The subduction zone lies off the west, Pacific coast of Guatemala. The Sierra Madre stretches from the Mexican border south to Guatemala. The mountain chain contains steep volcanic cones, including Tajumulco Volcano (4,220 m), the highest point in Central America.

CigsDo not think that I encourage smoking in any way; I am just trying to give some advice equally to smokers and non-smokers about how to behave and what to expect here, in Guatemala. A long time ago I consulted statistics - only 7 % of the population of Guate were smokers. That number showed me clearly that smoking is not a big deal here and that there will be a little understanding of my bad habit.

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DrivingGuatemala was primarily known for its civil wars in the 90′s but today the Central American country can be discovered without any danger. In the last years, the infrastructure and especially the road system have essentially improved. Guatemala’ s government invested huge funds in road construction. Many routes got adequate traffic signs and driving at night has become safer due to reflectors on most streets.

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