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In 1965 El Cafetalito was established in the house of the family famous for coffee exportation. In fact, it was the mother of today's owner Hans Masch that started this business, after gaining great experience in supplying local restaurants with quality coffee.






That first coffee shop is today in Boca del Monte, in the southern part of Guatemala City. Since then, El Cafetalito opened more than 30 locations with a simple idea: to offer excellent Guatemalan coffee from all eight regions, accompanied with tasty cookies and cakes, offering also tea, beers, wines, and sandwiches. The strong boost came in the late nineties when this type of coffee shops became very popular in the United States as well.
The secret of El Cafetalito is that the owner, Hans Masch, is personally choosing the coffee that will enter his shops. He doesn't care about the size of the coffee producer, his only criteria are quality. Guatemala is unique because the coffee is produced in a wide range of microclimate conditions. Therefore the results are very different when it comes to taste, acidity, and many other parameters that experienced coffee fans can recognize.
Today El Cafetalito exports coffee mainly to Germany, but you can find their products as well in Russia or South Corea. The best part is that they didn't give up their presence on the domestic, Guatemalan market. El Cafetalito works in all 22 departments of Guatemala offering the same level of quality and taste.

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