• Addresses, postal codes and how to get around the towns

    HouseMany people are puzzled when they have to find or use some Guatemalan address. So, here is some advice on how to understand this system, which is very practical once you get the idea.

  • Eight most popular chili peppers of Guatemala

    8 popular chiles in Guatemala | GuatexplorerWhen you visit Guatemala there is no doubt that you will want to eat something spicy. It is Latin America and suddenly your blood will say – hell, I’m a Latino too! And we like to eat spicy stuff. So, you would want to learn something about chili peppers that are common for Guatemala.

  • Five things about Holy Week in Guatemala

    5 things about Semana Santa | GuatexplorerSo, Holy Week is here. I'm not an expert about religious meaning and foundations of the Easter holiday. But I very well know how it is to be in Guatemala during those festivities. This year I'm a prepper this year. Let's see those five things I had noticed here.

  • Market days in the Guatemalan highlands

    MarketMany visitors often ask where are traditional markets, and on which days they can see and participate in events like that. Every town in Guatemala has its day of market, and here we give you weekly schedule to most of them.

    What can you expect there?

    First of all - a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Then, a lot of handicrafts, a majority of whom is not intended for a tourist market, but for the locals. In some towns you will notice also specialized vendors - i.e. some markets have special pets section. Besides usual noisy market atmosphere, you can expect also to discover small eateries where you can taste local dishes. Keep in mind that none of the Guatemalan markets is staged for the tourists; it is a splendid way to peek into the normal life of the people.

  • Newspapers in Guatemala

    Newspapers in Guatemala | GuatexplorerAlthough Guatemala has no newsstands, no doubt that you'll encounter several Guatemalan newspapers (and magazines) during your stay in Guatemala. Newspapers are distributed in many ways, from stores and by street vendors. Sale of newspapers is still high although the Internet is slowly taking over when it comes to news consumption.

  • Nine things I learned during my life in Guatemala

    Life in Guatemala | GuatexplorerWe all learn during our lives. Whether we want it or not. Living in a foreign country is a good opportunity to analyse yourself, to better understand yourself. It is also a time when you learn by watching around you in your new environment. Enough philosophy, here's what I learned.

  • When to visit Guatemala?

    Weather, Guatemala | Guatexplorer"You know, tourism is not about resorts, hotels, fancy places and impeccable service. Tourism is about kindness. About smile, about emotions. Emotional weather report for Guatemala that day was: constantly sunny and smiling, eternal spring of emotions. And that's the weather I like here - the climate of love and respect."

  • Yearly holidays in Guatemala

    Guate holidaysBeing in another country means that you have to adopt local rules. Important one considers holidays on which you will find that banks, offices, stores and other places are closed, or have a different schedule. Do not be surprised or startled!


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