• B & B consumer goods

    B&B consumer goods | GuatexplorerGuatemalan food company B & B was founded by Eduardo Bustamante Rourk and Ileana Sinibaldi de Bustamante, on May 1st, 1958. It all began as a home factory of the homemade jellies that Dona Ileana gave to her friends. Her production was located in the garage of the family house. At the time, Don Eduardo continued to work as a chemical engineer. The following year he joined work in the family company and thus they begin their dream.

  • Chocolates Granada

    Best of Guate | GuatexplorerSince 1947 this Guatemalan company produces chocolates, candy bars, waffles, cookies, and many other sweet products. It is hard to find information about the history of this factory, but their products are everywhere, from small family-owned tiendas to big supermarkets in Guatemala.

  • Eco filter

    Best of Guate | GuatexplorerIn the 1980s, José Fernando Mazariegos worked at the Central American Institute of Research and Industrial Technology, and together with his group of researchers presented in 1980 a filter that is now known as Ecofiltro.

  • Guateplast

    Guateplast | Guatexplorer

    Guateplast produces plastic items, mostly for the kitchen use. Today they offer more than 400 various items organized in several lines of products. You can find those products in supermarket chains in Guatemala. Since 1992 Guateplast has a contract with Walmart and exports to the USA.

  • LuKa Electric

    Best of Guate | Guatexplorer“LuKa Electric is a Guatemalan company that provides and promotes electric vehicles for the transport of passengers and cargo, with the goal of caring for the environment by reducing the energy dependence of fossil fuel, CO2 emissions, environmental pollution (noise) and as an added value, the cost-benefit per price in kilometer traveled and maintenance.”


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