• Chao Mein

    Chao Mein in Guatemala | GuatexplorerChao Mein or Chow Mein is a very popular dish in Guatemala. You can buy this type of pasta almost anywhere and prepare it as you like (some people eat it with ketchup only). The story of the dish has a lot to do with Chinese immigration to Guatemala.

  • Chocolates Granada

    Best of Guate | GuatexplorerSince 1947 this Guatemalan company produces chocolates, candy bars, waffles, cookies, and many other sweet products. It is hard to find information about the history of this factory, but their products are everywhere, from small family-owned tiendas to big supermarkets in Guatemala.

  • Eight most popular chili peppers of Guatemala

    8 popular chiles in Guatemala | GuatexplorerWhen you visit Guatemala there is no doubt that you will want to eat something spicy. It is Latin America and suddenly your blood will say – hell, I’m a Latino too! And we like to eat spicy stuff. So, you would want to learn something about chili peppers that are common for Guatemala.

  • Pollo Campero chicken

    Pollo Campero | Guatexplorer

    Pollo Campero is a Guatemalan fast-food restaurant chain whose main specialty is chicken. You can easily find Pollo Campero restaurants all over Guatemala.

  • San Martin bakery

    San Martin bakery | Guatexplorer

    San Martin Bakery started in 1974 with a small bakery and a big dream: wanting to be the best. During the decades it developed into a unique business model: bakery + cake shop + coffee shop + restaurant + yogurt + gift shop.

  • Tortillas

    Tortillas in Guatemala | GuatexplorerMany Latin American countries use the tortilla instead of bread. Guatemala is not an exception, you’ll find fresh tortillas everywhere. Usually, tortilla shops are opened whole day and some have a label “Tortillas de 3 Tiempos”, meaning that they prepare tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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