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Here you will have an opportunity to read about stuff that we consider "the best of Guatemala". Food and drinks, services and products, even places will be depicted here. Guatemala is mostly an agricultural country with beautiful and diverse nature. There are many things you didn't know about it, and our mission here is to change it. If GEX is a front page of Guatemala, then consider this section as Guatemala's store window.

El Cafetalito

In 1965 El Cafetalito was established in the house of the family famous for coffee exportation. In fact, it was the mother of today's owner Hans Masch that started this business...

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Agua Pura Salvavidas

Almost everywhere in Guatemala, you’ll notice that a large part of bottled drinking water carries the label of Salvavidas (saves lives).

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Chocolates Granada

From 1947 this Guatemalan company produces chocolates, candy bars, waffles, cookies and many other sweet products. It is hard to find information about the history of this factory, but their products are everywhere, from small family-owned tiendas to big supermarkets in Guatemala.

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LuKa Electric

“LuKa Electric is a Guatemalan company that provides and promotes electric vehicles for the transport of passengers and cargo, with the goal of caring for the environment by reducing the energy dependence of fossil fuel, CO2 emissions, environmental pollution (noise) and as an added value, the cost-benefit per price in kilometer traveled and maintenance.”

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Guateplast produces plastic items, mostly for the kitchen use. Today they offer more than 400 various items organized in several lines of products. You can find those products in supermarket chains in Guatemala. Since 1992 Guateplast has a contract with Walmart and exports to the USA.

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San Martin Bakery

San Martin Bakery started in 1974 with a small bakery and a big dream: wanting to be the best. During the decades it developed into a unique business model: bakery + cake shop + coffee shop + restaurant + yogurt + gift shop.

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Pollo Campero chicken

Pollo Campero is a Guatemalan fast-food restaurant chain whose main specialty is chicken. You can easily find Pollo Campero restaurants all over Guatemala.

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Gallo Beer

Cervecería Centro Americana S. A. is the official name of the largest Guatemalan brewery. It was founded in 1886 by brothers Mariano y Rafael Castillo Córdova. The backbone of all the assortment of products produced here in Guatemala City is Gallo beer.

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When buying in the supermarkets of Guatemala you’ll without any doubt notice Incaparina. To say that Incaparina is a national drink would be exaggerated, but it is true that it is one of the products that is mentioned when we speak about Guatemalan inventions.

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Eco Filter

In the 1980s, José Fernando Mazariegos worked at the Central American Institute of Research and Industrial Technology, and together with his group of researchers presented in 1980 a filter that is now known as Ecofiltro.

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B&B consumer goods

Guatemalan food company B & B was founded by Eduardo Bustamante Rourk and Ileana Sinibaldi de Bustamante, on May 1st, 1958. It all began as a home factory of the homemade jellies that Dona Ileana gave to her friends.

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Refreshing drinks

Sooner or later during your stay in Guatemala, you'll meet traditional Guatemalan refreshing drinks. Usually, they provide them with your daily menu meal in some of the eateries (comedores).

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Chao Mein

Chao Mein or Chow Mein is a very popular dish in Guatemala. You can buy this type of pasta almost anywhere and prepare it as you like (some people eat it with ketchup only). The story of the dish has a lot to do with Chinese immigration to Guatemala.

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Many Latin American countries use the tortilla instead of bread. Guatemala is not an exception, you’ll find fresh tortillas everywhere. Usually, tortilla shops are opened whole day and some have a label “Tortillas de 3 Tiempos”, meaning that they prepare tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Transmetro is a bus rapid transit system in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Service began with its first line opening on February 3, 2007. Unlike other bus routes in Guatemala City, it is serviced by a fleet of modern Volvo buses made by Ciferal in Brasil. 

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Zacapa rum

Ron Zacapa Centenario is a popular premium rum produced in Guatemala. Zacapa was created in 1976 to celebrate the centenary of the foundation of Zacapa, a town in eastern Guatemala.

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Hotel Panamerican

In 1917 big earthquake hit Guatemala City. Devastation emptied the place in one corner of the Zone 1, so the owners had decided to build something new. A hotel. It was built in Art Deco style and was named Astoria.


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