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Almost everywhere in Guatemala, you’ll notice that a large part of bottled drinking water carries the label of Salvavidas (saves lives).


Agua Pura Salvavidas was created in 1936, implementing a process based on simple machinery (clay pots with wooden covers) to cover the needs of that time. Later, in the 1950s, two Niagara systems were assembled for the bottling of the liquid, which resulted in 220 tanks per hour (a piece of high-speed equipment for the time).
Agua Pura Salvavidas expanded its facilities in the year of 1977. By the end of 1980, the acquisition of new equipment managed to increase to the filling of 1,000 5-gallon tanks per hour, and from here, the commitment to innovate has always led to exceed the number in several thousand containers per month. Salvavidas became a number one drinking water supplier in the capital, but also around the country.
Currently, Agua Pura Salvavidas has 6 important plants in strategic points throughout the country. They are working also on the market of low-sugar soft drinks and flavoured water.

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