Surfing in Guatemala

Guatemala is since recently trying to develop surfing as a sport on its Pacific Beaches. Of course, this is not a government policy but a private initiative.

"I've been taking pictures of surfing and lifestyle for 4 years. I spent the first year taking photos only from the shore because I was terrified. Then I went in with my camera in hand and started to take captures, "said photographer Paola Nuñez.

The artist commented that one of the things that attracted her most towards surfing and lifestyle is that the essence of that culture is the connection with nature. She added that sharing that experience with others creates a sense of brotherhood.

"The culture of surfing in Guatemala is still beginning to flourish, there is a lot of talent that could stand out in international competitions. We have beaches with proper waves to practice, so it is important that the authorities also promote it since it is positive for tourism, "said the photographer.

Professional surfer Rita Murga said that surfing in Guatemala is growing and there are already approximately 450 people who practice it.

"For me surfing is meditation, it allows me to free my mind of stress, tension, anxiety. It is an activity that forces the concentration of all the senses. It is a sport but it is also a connection with nature.

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Photo: BeachCo Guatemala


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