No piranhas in lake Petén Itzá

Alarmed by one photo on the Facebook, some news portals started spreading the word that in the lake Petén Itzá there might be piranhas present. To the people that swim in the lake, especially during the holidays, it caused an alarm.

The ex-governor of the department, Rudel Álvarez, published on Facebook the finding of the fisherman  Mario José Tut.  He encountered some “fish with teeth” and published two photos of his finding. It was obvious that the species is not native to the lake in Peten.

"There are people who accidentally empty the exotic species of their aquariums, - said Álvarez. On the other hand, deputy minister of the environment Alfonso Alonzo commented that the species is known as the pacu, South American freshwater serrasalmid fish that are related to the piranha and are not carnivorous. "In the event that the final reports determine that it is in the lake, we will take the corresponding mitigation actions," he announced.

So, no piranhas in the lake, no panic. Just a fish species that is known to infest the many US states water flows and spread along both Americas.

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