Guatemala ranked 86th of 136 countries in WEF Tourism Competitiveness Report

The World Economic Forum (WEF) published the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report for 2017, where Guatemala maintains its rating of 3.5 out of seven but declines six places compared to 2015.

The current position, 86 of 136 countries, is the same as in 2011. After that it fell to the 97 position in 2013, to have a rise in 2015 reaching the 80th position. The highest rating by Guatemala is related to the price competitiveness, where it reaches 5.6 points out of a possible maximum of seven. Relatively positive are also the business environment (4.4), health and hygiene (4.6), human resources and labour market (4.1) and prioritisation of tourism and travel (4.4).

Cultural resources and business travel have a very low rating of 1.6. Guatemala has a lot of things to do in the field of digital demand, a number of World Heritage cultural sites (so far only 3) and in a number of international association meetings. The other weak spot is air transport infrastructure, where Guatemala get low 1.9 points. Truth is that some new terminals and runways had been opened recently (Puerto Barrios airport in Izabal department, airports in Retalhuleu and Quetzaltenango). The main problem is international airport La Aurora in Guatemala City ( the airport is literally cramped without a space to enlarge), but also non-existence of the smaller airports in some very touristic areas (Atitlan, Coban) that could be used for domestic flights.

In the field of safety and security, Guatemala gets 3.7 points, ranking 121st among 136 countries. Large homicide rate plays an important role here, but to be fair, crime is not aimed at the visitors of the country. Still, this element presents a big problem in tourism promotion.

Large discrepancy is shown in the area of natural resources (3.9). Guatemala is 18th by a number of protected areas and 27th by the number of known species. But, when it comes to the number of World Heritage natural sites, Guatemala ranks in 78th place with just one site – Tikal, that is in fact mixed site (cultural/natural). And that is simply outrageous knowing how many places have high value in this sense.

Graphic source: WEF

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