Holy Week approaching

As  Holy Week 2017 (Semana Santa) is approaching, there is a growing optimism over financial effects from tourism in Guatemala. Experts estimate that domestic and foreign tourists will spend around 1.3 billion quetzals, meaning customers will leave revenues above 10 percent, which normally occurs in an average week.

Despite the increase, annual growth will not be good, says Antonio Malouf, president of the Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations (CACIF), expert analyst. According to Hugo Maul, an analyst at the Center for National Economic Research (CIEN), Easter is generating a rebound in tourism, but this is only a temporary increase.

Fernando Trabanino, consumer advocate for the Human Rights Ombudsman (PDH) explained that an increase in the price of fuel has already been reported and that the Department of Consumer Affairs (Diaco) and the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) have already been notified.

Holy Week generates a movement of people within the country well above the normal, because the Guatemalans move to the beaches, take part in processions, enjoy their holiday season. It is now what we consider the summer in Guatemala. Traffic jams occur in the days prior and after the Holy Week, so be careful and make your way to the desired vacation spot on time and safely.

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