Guatemalan author recognised by NatGeo

The young Guatemalan author Denis Guerrero became a part of the “Minimalism” photo category history of National Geographic's digital publication NatGeo, it was chosen from more than 19 thousand photos from around the world.

NatGeo highlights the best 20 photographs to be part of Minimalism category presentation, where Guatemala is represented by Denis Guerrero, who is passionate about photography. "I didn't know it nor I imagined it and I had no information until I began to receive emails with the comments on the publication", shared in his social networks the Guatemalan photographer. He took his awarded photo in Yuxquén, Huehuetenango department.

The Spanish Royal Academy defines minimalism as: "Aesthetic and intellectual tendency that seeks the expression of the essential by eliminating the superfluous." Whole Minimalism story is here.

Here is his work:

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