Fighting the plastic waste

More and more of municipalities in Guatemala ban usage of the plastic bags. It was started last year in San Pedro la Laguna, known tourist resort on the shores of the lake Atitlan. Their experience with the ban was a positive one, so now other towns are considering to do the same.

First to accept an example given by San Pedro is a small municipality of Acatenango in Chimaltenango department. They banned not only plastic bags but also plastic cups, plates, straws and similar products. Local businesses that will continue the use of those products will be fined.

„It is not easy to do, but we have to start somewhere“ – they say. That's definitely true, plastic is deeply involved in our daily lives in Guatemala. Problem is that it takes from 100 to even 1000 years to decompose such a waste. So, what is a substitute for plastic packaging?

It is expected that customers buy traditional linen bags for their daily shopping. Some products, like meat, will be wrapped in banana leaves. That was once a traditional way, now revived with new regulations. No doubt that sellers will find more ways to pack their goods. What matters is that this wave of environmental consciousness is quickly spreading in Guatemalan highlands. So, if visiting, don't be surprised if you visit the market and see a total absence of plastic in some places. They do it not because they're poor, but because they care.

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Famous market on Terminal in Guatemala City is far from banning the plastic.


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