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reu trains02Train network was started in Guatemala in 1877.  Narrow gauge was chosen (3 ft.) to fulfill the needs of transportation of various goods, mainly fruits and coffee. History of railroads in Guatemala is connected with activities of United Fruit Company, and at the peak of now abandoned system, railroad connected Atlantic with Pacific, having several other branches towards Mexico and in Alta Verapaz.

In 1968 system built by FECA was taken over by the state. But, still, there was no luck for trains. Today, several relics can be found – railroad museums in Guatemala City and Xela, as well as abandoned train stations all over the country. This one is in Retalhuleu, far from being a tourist attraction. There are some rumors that Koreans want to invest in railroads of Guatemala, but it is still just a vague future.

Trains of Retalhuleu gallery


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