Semana Santa

procession00Semana Santa is a very big event in all countries of Latin America. Literally translated as “Holy week” in English it is also mentioned like an Easter week. And yes, processions last whole week before Easter, engaging people of all ages – from 4 to 88. They are noisy, followed by very loud explosions of the fireworks. Women have their role in a procession; usually, they carry a very heavy stand with the statue of Virgin Mary. And they dress in white too. If you have the opportunity, do not miss to participate in events during Semana Santa.

Since it is an important spiritual and religious event, we will come back to it in this part of GEX. Although it is a ritual that has long living tradition, that is definitely not something that changes often, every time you can discover something new about Semana Santa.

The most popular version of the same is held in Antigua, where choreography reaches even absurd levels and alfombras (handmade carpets of sand like matter) are crafted with details that surprise the audience. But literally, every little town has its Semana Santa, its own way to reach for God and show Him and Holy Family strong adoration. If you are into it, Easter Week is best in Guatemala.

Semana Santa


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