San Andres Xecul

san andres03Almost every tourist group tour to Guatemala includes visiting many churches. And almost every group that goes into the highlands will visit San Andres Xecul. The main reason is village church, old building with incredibly thick walls (mid 17th century).

But it is not thickness or history that attracts visitors; it is the facade of the church, painted in daring yellow color and decorated with over 200 figures scattered all over it. Many people try to read some hidden message in those symbols, but here I can simply say that the whole thing is in fact syncretism, a strange fusion of Mayan beliefs and Catholicism, present all over Guatemala.

The village is also very well known for shamanism, hidden university of K’iche witchcraft, worshiping of Maximon (San Simon) and other naughty things that no real Catholic priest wants to hear about. But, believe me, they do exist.

San Andres Xecul

Panorama of San Andres Xecul


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