National palace

palace00Actually known as Palacio Nacional de la Cultura (National Palace of Culture), it is identified as Guatemala City’s symbol in its monumental architectural context. It was the most important building in Guatemala and was the headquarters of the President of Guatemala. The building is the origin of all the roads in the Republic and has a spot known as Kilometro Cero (Zero Kilometer). It is actually a museum and also is used for important acts of the government.


In 1932, the President General Jorge Ubico published the basis for the design and construction of the palace, and on July 4, 1937, the first stone was placed. The National Palace was built between January 1939 and 1943. On November 10 of that year the Palace we know today was opened.

There are some interesting facts connected to this building. A lamp in the main living room weighs 2 tons, and two in the banquet hall one ton each, all being made in New York. Number five is all over the place – in the number of arches and rosettes; nobody knows why. The building had traffic lights inside; it is because when dictator Ubico would stroll down the corridors, he wanted everyone to remain in their offices. The steps were made with brass shells of the shot bullets; rails on the staircase have cooling and heating system, depending on the use.

And, what about that strange greenish color? Well, I will keep some facts hidden for the future…

National Palace


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