Newspapers in Guatemala | GuatexplorerAlthough Guatemala has no newsstands, no doubt that you'll encounter several Guatemalan newspapers (and magazines) during your stay in Guatemala. Newspapers are distributed in many ways, from stores and by street vendors. Sale of newspapers is still high although the Internet is slowly taking over when it comes to news consumption.

10 best Guatemalan movies | GuatexplorerI chose 10 good movies that depict the reality of life here in Guatemala. I put some limits on my search: all of them were made after the year 2000, and all of them have solid IMDb rating, although that rating was not crucial in the final selection. We start with the lowest IMDb rating to the greater ones.

10 most important Mayan ruins to visit in Guatemala | GuatexplorerArea of Guatemala, Yucatan peninsula, Chiapas, along with some regions of Honduras, Belize and El Salvador is called Maya World. Historically, this was the playground of that huge culture. When you live here, you'll be often offered to visit some particular sites with an explanation why it's important to do so. Therefore, let me try to do the same.

5 things about Semana Santa | GuatexplorerSo, Holy Week is here. I'm not an expert about religious meaning and foundations of the Easter holiday. But I very well know how it is to be in Guatemala during those festivities. This year I'm a prepper this year. Let's see those five things I had noticed here.

Regions of Guatemala | GuatexplorerIt is good to be familiar with a territorial organisation of this country because you'll encounter references to it when travelling within the borders of this Central American Country. After all, it is not so complicated: regions – departments – municipalities. Three levels exist and are implemented in daily life here.


Life in Guatemala | GuatexplorerWe all learn during our lives. Whether we want it or not. Living in a foreign country is a good opportunity to analyse yourself, to better understand yourself. It is also a time when you learn by watching around you in your new environment. Enough philosophy, here's what I learned.

10 things to do in Guatemala | GuatexplorerIt is not only 10 things, and it could be other ten things than those I suggest here. OK, you can do even 13 things. Or 27. I go with this strange internet fashion of making lists. In fact, I wanted to say this: whenever you visit some country make your list, but be careful not to do all. Thus you'll return one day. And that will feel good, trust me.

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