Incaparina | GuatexplorerWhen buying in the supermarkets of Guatemala you’ll without any doubt notice Incaparina. To say that Incaparina is a national drink would be exaggerated, but it is true that it is one of the products that is mentioned when we speak about Guatemalan inventions.

Incaparina consists of a cereal (as caloric source) and a legume (as a protein source) mix in the appropriate amounts to obtain a suitable balance of essential amino acids and therefore a protein of optimum quality. This mixture is made from corn flour and soy flour. In addition, it is reinforced with a micronutrient blend scientifically developed with the main vitamins and minerals. Its caloric, protein and micronutrient value makes INCAPARINA a nutritionally complete food.

Incaparina is nowadays sold in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. It comes in various package sizes; as a liquid, it has various additional tastes (besides original, there are chocolate, strawberry and vanilla tastes), and also in a form of powder.  

During the 1950s experts of the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama -INCAP- began a series of investigations to increase the availability of proteins through the consumption of foods of vegetal origin. They also had in mind that final product should have an acceptable price to reach people, especially children, that had a problem with malnutrition. In the team were doctors Moises Behar Alcahé, Ricardo Bressani Castignoli (often called as a father of Incapasrina because he gave the basis to the research and was the head of the team), Benjamín Torun y Fernando Viteri Echeverría. So, relatively quickly they came with a soy-corn mix. To this mixture was added a series of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin A, calcium and riboflavin.

In 1959, INCAP presented the INCAPARINA project to the board of directors of Corporación Hermanos Castillo to offer a long-term production and distribution license. The project was considered of great importance as an integral solution to the malnutrition problem of the Guatemalan population. Incaparina is today produced and distributed by the Central de alimentos S. A.

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