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“Beautiful brown beach, soaked with soft waves and great sunsets to spend time with family or friends, to enjoy a good tan or have the excuse of having a time of peace and relaxation.”

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That is what average tourist guide says about this beach, located south-east of famous Monterrico resort. The village of Hawaii belongs to the municipality of Taxisco of the department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala. The place offers a lot of hotels and resorts, a majority of whom have swimming pools, restaurants and offers activities.

Hawaii is nice all the year around. Not many special attractions, though, if you don’t count the local cemetery located almost on the beach.

How to reach Hawaii Beach: From Antigua use road number 14 south to Escuintla and proceed on Pacific Highway, from the capital city by road CA-9 known as Pacific International highway, turn left before entering the Port of Quetzal, proceed to Monterrico via Iztapa on the coast road. In Monterrico center turn left and proceed some 10 km along the coast.

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Hawaii Beach


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