Guatemala in 4K

This video offers you 4K, but not only that purely technical fact is behind all. That part you will discover for yourself, I can give you a hint that it is a Kickstarter, but I think it passed by now - but you can see what kind of ideas foreigners have here in Guate. Who knows, maybe you come up with something similar or even better!

Guatemalan Breakfast

Guatemalan breakfast is really something special. Now, here in Guatemala breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Therefore it has to contain all the important ingredients, no matter if you want plain or vaquero version ( the difference is a meaty part). Average Guatemalan breakfast consists of beans with cream, white cheese, platano, eggs with tomato sauce, some fruits and by all means - a cup of Guatemalan coffee. There are local varieties as well as famous places specialized for breakfast.

Baba Gris - Guatemala

Baba Gris is a Guatemalan - Puertorican band whose music is a fusion of Latin American folklore, jazz, fusion and art rock. The band is composed of four musicians: Juan Carlos Mata Calle (voice, guitar, piano), Manuel "Kike" Rodríguez (bass), Jayson Yordán Martínez (percussion) and Carlos Dimas Martínez (guitar). Their world is interesting, different, sometimes strange. This music video was made on Pacaya volcano (piaf Producciones). No Quetzaltecas were destroyed in the production of this video.

Backpacking Guatemala

Two friends backpacking in Guatemala for five days. Travelling from Guatemala City to Antigua to Lake Atitlan and stopping in Panajachel, San Pedro and San Marcos. The very joyful duo, considering the rainy conditions.

Chichicastenango by British Pathe from 1963

British Pathé for decades makes genuine and great documentaries, news footage, travelogues. As time goes by, the value of those materials is enormous. Chichi really attracted the attention of BP cameras. If you visit Chichi today, you'll see that there are changes, but the essence of the place remained as it was decades ago.

This is Guatemala - full documentary

Brent Foster channel offers this documentary about ordinary Guatemalan people in one village. We can see their lives, hear their thoughts, learn how they manage to make ends meet. 50 min, produced in 2015.

Seven facts about Guatemala

Very interesting facts about Guatemala and its native Maya peoples. Now, if you ask me, I'll make just one correction to Sebastian's nice vid: there was NO Mayan Empire. Maya lived divided into city-states, something like the ancient Greece, but without a common language (23 Mayan languages are now spoken in Guatemala only).

Ross having fun in Guatemala

From taking his vaccines to enjoying Guatemala, this short film shows you what Guate is all about through the eyes of an ordinary Gringo. In his comment under the video, Ross says: "They have ACTUAL volcanos, you guys. It's ridiculous." You bet we have. Officially, 33 of those. Inspiring and funny video.

Arjona's new single published

The Guatemalan singer and songwriter, Ricardo Arjona, presented his album and tour "Circo Soledad" (Circus loneliness).

After his successful "Viaje" tour, which had more than two million visitors, Arjona is on the tour again in the middle of this year. This series of concerts will tour Latin America, Canada and the United States, and after 8 years Arjona will return to Europe in emblematic places like London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

The expected new album will be released on April 21. It will include 14 unpublished songs that were recorded in London, New York, Miami, Nashville, Guatemala, Los Angeles and Colombia. The first single from this album and official video were published today. Enjoy

Mountain biking in Guatemala

Two guys from Wheels 4 Life Charity decided to do it in Guatemala. Here you'll se some highland places tourists rarely visit.

Guatemala Highlands Mountain Bike Adventure and Wheels 4 Life Charity project with Hans Rey & Tom Oehler 2015. Self-filmed with Go Pro.

Andrew eats.......a lot of things

Andrew Zimmern is a known traveler that eats bizarre foods all around the world. In this episode, he comes to Guatemala. He will eat things like brains and eyes, but in the end, he will have traditional Mayan meal that will make him cry. 

Chicken bus song

What those guys did is simply hilarious. They produced a song about chicken buses of Guate and even more - they made a video. The Chicken Bus Song - Dave Ratcliffe. Language: Spanglish. Engnish. God knows.

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