• Hotel Panamerican

    ServiceIn 1917 big earthquake hit Guatemala City. Devastation emptied the place in one corner of the Zone 1, so the owners had decided to build something new. A hotel. It was built in Art Decostyle and was named Astoria.

    Soon, the hotel became very famous spot in the city; on its ground floor, there were several stores, like Klee pharmacy and Las Americas bakery. Due to the fact that hotel was a famous place for flight crews of Panamerican, in 1942 the name was changed. Even today, when that company does not exist anymore, the hotel keeps the name: Panamerican.

  • Transmetro

    ServiceTransmetro is a bus rapid transit system in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Service began with its first line opening on February 3, 2007. Unlike other bus routes in Guatemala City, it is serviced by a fleet of modern Volvo buses made by Ciferal in Brasil. The buses have fixed stops and partly run on dedicated lanes, avoiding other traffic. Both stops and vehicles are guarded by municipal police. In the city of chicken buses, this is a breeze of world-class service, and guess what - price is the same! One quetzal for a ride.


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