Botanical garden in Guatemala City

Botanical garden Guatemala City | GuatexplorerIt took me a while to figure out where the botanical garden in Guatemala City was. I was even suspecting that a country that looks like a botanical garden doesn’t need an urban one. Additionally, Guatemalan botanists are very humble, so to find them you need a large-scale operation here. In the end, there I was, in front of the garden gate on the edge of the Zone 10 of the City.


At the end of the 19th-century, Dr. Julio Rosal was proposing an opening of a botanical garden, as at the time it was very popular among bigger cities. It took them a while to find a proper terrain, in the end, it was donated for this purpose. The botanical garden was finally opened in December of 1922. At that time it was just a lot on the outskirts of the growing city, while today this garden is an island swallowed by the metropolis.

Botanic garden Guatemala City | Guatexplorer

An interesting fact is that some plants date from the time of the foundation of the garden. The general idea was not only to represent Guatemalan flora but also flora of the whole Central America. Today, the garden has around 1400 species on around 180 sq. ft. of the park. 80% of the plants are domestic while showing some species from other continents as well.

Botanic garden Guatemala City | Guatexplorer

Besides offering very nice walk among the plants (that becomes much better if you ask for a guided tour), the botanical garden of Guatemala offers two more important features. It holds herbarium, that was established in 1923. Also, Index Seminum was established in 1969 and exchanges information and seeds with some 300 botanical gardens in the world. Unless you are an expert, you’ll find to be less interested in that part. Nevertheless, visiting botanical garden (best to do in the morning after 8 o’clock) is an experience that can prepare you for further excursions around Guatemala, or maybe give you recapitulation of what you already saw.

Botanical garden in Guatemala City


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