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Guateplast produces plastic items, mostly for the kitchen use. Today they offer more than 400 various items organized in several lines of products. You can find those products in supermarket chains in Guatemala. Since 1992 Guateplast has a contract with Walmart and exports to the USA.


This company was founded by Czech immigrant Jorge Rybar. During his life in Czechoslovakia, he studied at the University of Prague and obtained the title of Doctor of Laws. But when the Second World War broke out, the German army invaded his homeland and his family was stripped of their property. At the end of the war, European continues suffered a very serious post-war economic crisis and Czechoslovakia was taken over by the SSSR.

That made Rybar decide to emigrate overseas in search of a better future, bringing with it ideas of new practices and cutting-edge technologies at that time. In 1945 he arrived in Guatemala, where he founded Guateplast, the first plastics factory in Guatemala and one of the first in Latin America.

The company took ten years to become bigger and successful, known in almost every household of Guatemala.

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