Here you will have an opportunity to read about stuff that we consider "the best of Guatemala". Food and drinks, services and products, even places will be depicted here. Guatemala is mostly an agricultural country with beautiful and diverse nature. There are many things you didn't know about it, and our mission here is to change it. If GEX is a front page of Guatemala, then consider this section as Guatemala's store window.

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Incaparina | GuatexplorerWhen buying in the supermarkets of Guatemala you’ll without any doubt notice Incaparina. To say that Incaparina is a national drink would be exaggerated, but it is true that it is one of the products that is mentioned when we speak about Guatemalan inventions.

Best of Guate | GuatexplorerIn the 1980s, José Fernando Mazariegos worked at the Central American Institute of Research and Industrial Technology, and together with his group of researchers presented in 1980 a filter that is now known as Ecofiltro.

B&B consumer goods | GuatexplorerGuatemalan food company B & B was founded by Eduardo Bustamante Rourk and Ileana Sinibaldi de Bustamante, on May 1st, 1958. It all began as a home factory of the homemade jellies that Dona Ileana gave to her friends. Her production was located in the garage of the family house. At the time, Don Eduardo continued to work as a chemical engineer. The following year he joined work in the family company and thus they begin their dream.

Best of Guatemala | GuatexplorerSooner or later during your stay in Guatemala, you'll meet traditional Guatemalan refreshing drinks. Usually, they provide them with your daily menu meal in some of the eateries (comedores). There are several drinks of that type: rosa de jamaica (hibiscus cold tea), horchata (rice with cinnamon), tamarind or other fruit juice.

Chao Mein in Guatemala | GuatexplorerChao Mein or Chow Mein is a very popular dish in Guatemala. You can buy this type of pasta almost anywhere and prepare it as you like (some people eat it with ketchup only). The story of the dish has a lot to do with Chinese immigration to Guatemala.

Tortillas in Guatemala | GuatexplorerMany Latin American countries use the tortilla instead of bread. Guatemala is not an exception, you’ll find fresh tortillas everywhere. Usually, tortilla shops are opened whole day and some have a label “Tortillas de 3 Tiempos”, meaning that they prepare tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

ServiceTransmetro is a bus rapid transit system in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Service began with its first line opening on February 3, 2007. Unlike other bus routes in Guatemala City, it is serviced by a fleet of modern Volvo buses made by Ciferal in Brasil. The buses have fixed stops and partly run on dedicated lanes, avoiding other traffic. Both stops and vehicles are guarded by municipal police. In the city of chicken buses, this is a breeze of world class service, and guess what - price is the same! One quetzal for a ride.

DrinkRon Zacapa Centenario is a popular premium rum produced in Guatemala. Zacapa was created in 1976 to celebrate the centenary of the foundation of Zacapa, a town in eastern Guatemala.

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