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B&B consumer goods | GuatexplorerGuatemalan food company B & B was founded by Eduardo Bustamante Rourk and Ileana Sinibaldi de Bustamante, on May 1st, 1958. It all began as a home factory of the homemade jellies that Dona Ileana gave to her friends. Her production was located in the garage of the family house. At the time, Don Eduardo continued to work as a chemical engineer. The following year he joined work in the family company and thus they begin their dream.

B & B was growing and today it is one of the largest family businesses in a food industry of Guatemala.  During the decades they developed many products such as ketchup sauce, Picamas spicy sauce, traditional Horchata concentrate, Jalapeño chillies, vinegar, gherkins, mayonnaise, as well as many other high quality products at affordable prices.

That was the idea: affordable prices of consumer goods for everyone. Fact that Guatemala is an agricultural country helped this company to develop relatively quickly. Today you can find their products in almost all stores throughout Guatemala. Their quality/price ratio will definitely satisfy your needs. B & B also exports to the neighbouring countries El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, thus being important part of Guatemalan economy.

B&B consumer goods | Guatexplorer


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