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Ayarza Lagoon

When we arranged the visit to the Ayarza Lagoon, I was not impressed until I saw some photos online. But going there I was tortured by the disgusting local unpaved roads that you should always go through to see something beautiful. That’s how it is in Guatemala: it is worth taking some sacrifices for beauty. And buying two or three sets of tires can be handy.

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Alux Mountain

San Lucas is a small town near the capital of Guatemala known as a crossroad, a transit city. Coming from Guatemala City, in San Lucas you can continue to the Guatemalan plateau or turn left towards Antigua Guatemala.

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Hawaii Pacific Beach

“Beautiful brown beach, soaked with soft waves and great sunsets to spend time with family or friends, to enjoy a good tan or have the excuse of having a time of peace and relaxation.”

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Monterrico - Pacific beauty

The town of Monterrico is situated on the Pacific coast of Guatemala in the department of Santa Rosa. Known for its volcanic black sand beaches and an annual influx of sea turtles, the town also serves as a major weekend beach resort for citizens of Guatemala City. The town is growing more popular with foreign tourists largely because of the local sea turtle conservation efforts as well as the laid-back atmosphere of the area.

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Rey Marcos caves

Alta Verapaz is a department located north of capital Guatemala City. The area is known for caves and other karst shapes, with Semuc Champey being most famous. Undiscovered jewel of the area is Rey Marcos Caves. To reach caves of Rey Marcos it is not necessary to take a long journey; you simply take the road to San Juan Chamelco from Coban, and after 15 minutes you’re there, in charming old town in the beautiful valley. The place is inhabited mostly by Mayan Q’eqchi’ people, kind and eager to have tourism.

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Todos Santos

Todos Santos Cuchumatán is a municipality in the Guatemalan department of Huehuetenango. It is situated in the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes at an elevation of 2,500 m (about 8,000 ft). The municipality covers an area of approximately 269 km2 and is formed by the town of Todos Santos Cuchumatán, 6 villages, and 69 smaller rural communities, called caserios, parajes, and cantones. Cuchumateca valley produces crops like potatoes, broccoli, and large-scale cultivation of coffee on the lower mountain slopes of the municipality.

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