alfombra00Alfombra is a carpet, usually made of sand and other materials during Semana Santa. The custom is brought by Spanish, although some sources describe almost similar tradition among Tlaxcala Indians. It takes a lot of work to make one «alfombra» – if it is 12 X 5 meters large, team of six people will take some 12 hours of very hard and precise work.

When the alfombra is finished, water is sprayed over to prevent the wind of destroying it. In any case, it will be destroyed later by the feet of procession participants. Therefore, every alfombra symbolizes dedication of people to Jesus Christ, whose arrival in Jerusalem was glorious and celebrated. Unfortunately, later events had shown that admiration of people turned into hatred and fear. Love was a broken promise. Like the alfombra: destroyed and stepped over into nothing. Dust in the wind…



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