• Welcome to Guatexplorer

    I started Guatexplorer four years ago. During that time this project had changed, and I had changed. Living here I learned a lot, but some things are the same. Like four years ago, Guatemala still needs a decent site in English. And I still want to bring you Guatemala. But, now I do it as travel advisor, as a part of my new job. Enjoy. Spread the word.
  • Living in Guate

    I had encountered many people on the various forums asking me how it is to live in Guatemala. Some of them really considered living here, some just wanted a safe heaven to do their project: writing a book, or maybe changing the place for some time. Since it is hard to describe all the details of life here, I started this section on Guatexplorer. Read More
  • Best of Guate

    I want you to get familiar with excellent Guatemalan products and services. Many of them will make your stay here easier, others will simply give you the taste and the feeling of this country. All in all, reading this section you will get the insight of the best things Guate has to offer. There are several categories that I pay attention to.  Read More
  • Around Guate

    Just visiting? Staying? In any case you need some hints where to go and what to do. In fact, I'm doing this as well - wherever I go I shoot photos and talk to the locals in order to get the clear picture of their town/village. Thus I'm collecting the places, impressions for you. My judgement is not final or imposed as eternal truth. Just stimulus. Read More
  • Guate Blogging

    Wanna second opinion? There are bloggers who live here and write of various aspects of Guatemala. Some of them are foreigners, some Guatemalan. Only criteria here is that they write in English. From time to time I refresh the input here, so you can have really good second opinion of Guatemala. I thank those authors for their efforts. Read More
  • Places

    Planning a holidays in Guate? Here is one useful tool for you: go around Guatemala online, choose the places that you want to visit, get info on activities, events and attractions. Make your own itinerary, then consider contacting me to give you best prices for your itinerary. I will add advices based on my personal experience and knowledge of the country. Read More
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